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Q: Do I need a business license or permits ?

A: No, you do not need any business license or permits to setup at the shows and sell. You will be provided with a tax form at the show to fill out for submissions of taxes for any items you have sold. A business license is not required to do this. It is highly suggested you obtain a business license for your business.

Q: Do I need to break down and setup for the 2nd day ?

A: No, on the 1st day after the show the venue will be locked up by the owner. Nobody will be able to enter the room until it is unlocked on the 2nd day by the owner.

Q: What time is setup for Vendors ?

A: On the 1st day of the show please be setup or start to setup by 10am. Sometimes Vendors are able to setup on the day before, if this is the case Vendors will be notified by email.

Q: Can I do 1 day and have a friend do the 2nd day ?

A: We understand because we have 2 day shows that you may not always be able to do both days. As long as the booth is paid for in full you are able to split the booth with another vendors. Even if the other Vendor sells a different product it is still allowed. Only time this is not allowed if another DS Rep for the same company already exist in the show.

Q: Do you allow more than 1 DS Rep per company ?

A: We only allow 1 DS Rep per company. If 2 or more Reps agree to work together then we will allow more than 1 but each DS Rep must pay for their own booth. In this case the booths next to each other will be used making it look like 1 huge booth.