Arts And Crafts Las Vegas Vendor Vendor Load-In and Terms


All booths must be paid in full prior to the show. A booth is not reserved until payment is completed. We accept commercial vendors, however, we reserve the right to limit commercial vendors at our discretion. All booths are on a first-come, first-serve basis, we will accommodate you according to your selection at the time of your application.Once payment is received, there are no refunds for any reason, if you fail to make the show, you will not receive a refund. If you are unable to make the show, we encourage you to find a replacement or notify us well in advance and we will attempt to replace your booth and remit the payment back to you. If you (or we) are unable to fill your booth, there will be no refunds under any circumstance. All vendors must comply with the rules of the venue and respect other vendors. We are not responsiblefor any damages or liability arising out of your participation in this event. It is the vendor'sresponsibility to obtain insurance if desired. Vendor insurance is optional. All vendors will be requiredto fill out and submit a sales tax form. VENDORS DO NOT NEED A BUSINESS LICENSE!

We do not guarantee attendance or sales

VENDOR DETAILS: All Vendors are encouraged (not required) to provide a door prize with a minimum retail value of $5. It is encouraged that you provide something from your product line and attach your business card. The door prizes are raffled off to attendees and other vendors and encourages sales. All vendors are required to be setup by 10am.

If you have a cart, please bring it with you as there will not be carts available for vendors. Please move your merchandise as quickly and safely through the Venue.


Electric is provided at no cost. However, you must supply your own extension cord and a power strips.You must supply your own tape to secure any cords to the floor. There are electrical outlets throughoutthe ballroom; you may need to link up together with others to reach your booth.

You Must Be Set-Up By 10am

Please Note: If your space requires special lighting to highlight your products, please bring your own lighting as it will not be provided by Arts And Crafts Las Vegas nor the venue. We ask that allvendors have their booth ready by 10:00am. The doors will open at 10:00am. Through-out the show raffles will be given away (all vendors are encouraged to provide at least 1 door prize worth $5. Vendor Only Raffle to be held Sunday approx 15 minutes before the close of the show. You must ask for tables at check-in. All merchandise, fixtures (including tables and chairs), and signage must be confined within the parameters of your booth. Anything set outside of the booth area poses a safety risk, please do not place anything outside of your booth. If you have extra large banners/signs then you may be required to be against the wall as to not block the view of the entire showroom to attendees. You must notify us at check-in if you do have extra large banners/signs. You may orient the table anyway you wish as long as it is not outside your booth. If you have additional display material (grid-wall, extra table, stands,etc), you may use it, as long as it is confined within your booth space. You may NOT utilize a booth next to you or the aisle-ways. This includes your chair. All aisle-ways are to be kept clear at all times.


During the show, it is important that you engage with customers and be as helpful as possible. Remember you are not only a reflection of your own business, but a reflection of the Arts And Crafts Las Vegas. The show will begin promptly at 10am and end at 6pm (times may change). Vendors are requested to NOT tear down early! When vendors start to tear down, customers may get the impression the show is over and this may have an adverse effect on your fellow vendors sales. The show will end at 6pm, any vendor tearing down and leaving early will risk exclusion from future shows. Vendors who leave before the Vendor Only Raffle will not qualify for prizes. If you need to leave your booth, please ask your neighbor to watch your booth. An empty booth is a disappointment to customers. Please do not make a customer stand around waiting for you.